Managing Your Time

Managing Your Time:

The second step to successfully building your business empire is to manage your time correctly.  The biggest problem that I see many entrepreneurs face isn’t the lack of the business plan, but rather the inability to properly manage their time.  Often these soloprenuers get burned out trying to do everything themselves and “bootstrap” that they return to the 9-5 or struggle with “being their own boss” for years to come.  Remember why you got into business.  You didn’t sacrifice your weekends, sanity and free time to make $60,000 a year only to worry about how badly you’ll be fucked when tax season rolls around.

There’s two barriers to managing your time correctly:

  1. Being Busy – This may be the more harmful of the two issues.  Being busy comes from doing everything yourself.  Ever hire a house cleaner to tidy up your home?  Notice how they never speak english, yet the lady on the phone spoke perfect english…  The lady on your phone is the receptionist who gets paid $17 an hour to handle calls all day.  The cleaning lady who comes out to your home will make upwards of $25 an hour.  The BOSS who has the house cleaning inquiries routed to the receptionist is the one who’s making the real bread.  He’s the one making money from doing basically nothing.  If you need a good house cleaner that’ll have your home tidy just click here to learn more.  You better not be cleaning your home yourself!
  2. Distractions – Distractions are a completely different animal.  You’re no longer just working stupid and wasting your time on things that don’t make you money.  Instead when you’re getting distracted you’re falling into humanity’s natural trap.  You’re body wants the easiest route possible.  There is a natural resistance that comes about as you’re setting foot on your entrepreneurial journey.  Your ability to choose to write a blog post (although you should be doing a higher level activity instead) instead of play another game of Heroes of the Storm is a muscle.  This muscle is only improved by putting in reps.  No matter how strong you get you’ll always have to put in those reps to stay focused.  This WILL always be a fight.  Getting distracted is a daily battle for even the most successful business owners.